VERAMY started life as CARMONTRAND around  1850, specializing in the manufacture and the sale of bridal ornaments.
In 1900, François LAMOTTE acquired CARMONTRAND, DOMPTET, CARLIER THEIBERT and the Maison SAVARY, grouped under the LAMOTTE name, and the only French company in this market. Its HQ offices were in rue Charlot in the Marais district of Paris. At this time the first blown glass globes appeared,  primarily to protect bridal ornaments and clocks.
In 1930, François LAMOTTE's son Henri, took over the family business and transferred the HQ to rue Saintonge in Paris. This was when the company started to produce its first gold leaf gilded exhibition windows and showcases for French National Museums. Genevieve HAMY, the daughter of Henri LAMOTTE continued operations until the end of the second world war (1946). The company left central Paris and moved to 3, Avenue du Clos, 94210 la Varenne Saint Hilaire. In 1976, Genevieve HAMY passed the company to her daughter and son-in-law.
To perpetuate the craft manufacture of handmade protective glazing for objets d'art, blown glass domes and Bowed  glazing,
William WOOD acquired VERAMY in 2003.  
We are currently writing the future…
"Traditions express timeless values."